25 November 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve Sat 24 December 2011

6pm Carols, Candles and Christmas Wonder for all ages
The perfect start to your Christmas

11.30pm Stunningly beautiful Midnight Mass in the city!
Incense, bells, candles, procession with  fantastic music, FAB choir, the lot!
A fitting celebration for this most Holy Night.

Christmas morning Sun 25 December 2011

9.30am Mass
Beautiful music and liturgy with procession - uplifting and joyful - all welcome

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  1. Stephanie Edwads23 December, 2011 12:04

    Actually, the Christmas Eve service is 11.30pm, not 11. But if you come for 11pm, you'll get a good seat!

  2. Thanks for that Stephanie. Correct starting time is confirmed (and updated) as 11.30pm. See you there