30 July 2012

Have your say - Parish Planning

Over the coming weeks, we are asking for input about the parish's focus for ministry (charism). We have some topics that came out of our earlier discussions on what people liked best about St Mary Magdalene's. You are encouraged to pick a topic, or two, or all of them and give us your ideas about why these things are important and how they could be made even better.

The topics are:

  • community
  • inclusion
  • diversity
  • social justice
  • children's ministry
  • friendship/friendliness
  • prayer
  • beauty, aesthetics

Tell us what you think. It's easy!

Your responses will help us draw up a plan for our future work. Tell us what you think! Email your comments to: OMaryMag atsymbol Anglicare-sa.org.au (replace the atsymbol with @ )
Your thoughts on this are valued.

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