22 October 2012

Preachers, Prophets and Heretics - Anglican Women's Ministry

This Adelaide launch of this book happened at Synod on 21 October 2012. 

From the cover:

Australians watched in amazement as the Anglican Church tied itself in legal and theological knots over the ordination of women in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Since 1992 more than 500 women have been ordained as priests and some have gone on to become bishops, despite trenchant opposition from the Diocese of Sydney.

In 'Preachers, Prophets and Heretics', key supporters of women's ordination - church leaders and decision-makers, campaigners and women at the centre of the debate - recount the power plays and passion of the controversy, and examine its impact on the Anglican Church and beyond. 

With women among its leadership, the Anglican Church in Australia now looks and sounds very different. But are these hard-won changes fundamental or only cosmetic? 

Book Cover - Preachers, Prophets and Heretics

The book is edited by Elaine Lindsay and Janet Scarfe. Published by UNSW Press.

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