19 October 2012

This weekend - Synod 2012

Synod is the annual general meeting of the church. Each parish elects two or three delegates to attend synod, and all members of the clergy must attend.

At synod, delegates and members of clergy discuss and vote on matters of church business in formal business sessions. Members of the public and retired members of the clergy may watch from the public gallery.

It is generally not advisable to attempt to attend synod in any capacity unless you have taken in considerable quantities of caffeine, because synod procedure, while in itself a dynamic demonstration of an active, living church engaged in essential and intelligent debate, will, with little provocation, decline into interminable periods of the long, the ponderous and the dull. You have been warned.

Essential supplies for synod

St Mary Magdalene's delegates will be attending synod Friday night, all day Saturday and on Sunday afternoon.

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