14 December 2012

Advent Wreaths

Advent wreaths appear at this time of year in many churches, and are used to count down the weeks until Christmas day.

The origins of the wreath are unclear, and the forms are varied, but generally you will see a circle holding four candles (for the four weeks of Advent) with a fifth candle in the centre (for Christmas Day).

Advent Wreath, St Mary Magdalene's

On the first week of Advent, we light one candle. On the second week of Advent, two candles, and so on. On Christmas Eve, at the Midnight Mass, we light all four candles as well as the central candle, to acknowledge the beginning of the Christmas season.

If you are in St Mary Magdalene’s in the next couple of weeks, have a look around for the Advent Wreath. It’s up at the front, on the southern (right-hand) side.

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