22 January 2013

Candlemass is coming

Candlemass (also called the Presentation of Our Lord) is the day when we remember Mary and Joseph’s visit to the Temple to present their child, Jesus, on the fortieth day following his birth, as required by Jewish law.

In the temple, a prophet named Anna and a man named Simeon immediately recognised and welcomed Jesus. Taking the child into his arms, Simeon praised God for the “light for revelation” that had come into the world.

Following Simeon’s cue, it became a Christian custom to mark this day with a celebration of light: the Candle Mass, during which priests would bless the candles to be used in the year to come.

We will be celebrating Candlemass on Friday evening, 1 February, at 6.15pm at a traditional service, with choir and procession. You are most welcome to join us.

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