28 February 2013

Real Solutions Needed to Support Long-Term Unemployed

The passing of an income-support bonus through the House of Representatives this month is an example of Australia’s welfare system providing a band-aid treatment rather than a developed solution for the most vulnerable in our society.

Anglicare SA CEO Peter Sandeman says that the bonus payments of $210 for singles and $350 for couples, paid in two instalments scheduled for March and September, will do little to support the capacity of fixed income recipients to gain employment.

“While Anglicare SA appreciates the “good will” this payment is offering, we must not lose sight of the fact that it equates to 50 cents per day or $3.50 per week. It is a long way short of the $50 a week increase to Newstart our sector continues to lobby for,” Revd Sandeman says.

“We are a voice for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our community and we are saying these bonus payments simply do not go far enough - it is just a band-aid.

“Australia needs to change the way in which we address welfare and unemployment.

Read the full media release [Anglicare SA website]

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