18 March 2013

Holy Week Services 2013

Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. For Christians, it is the most important week of the year.

Over the course of Holy Week we remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), anticipate the sorrow to come (Holy Wednesday), observe the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday), mourn Jesus' death (Good Friday) and celebrate the resurrection (Easter Day). 

A quick summary of services is given below. More detailed information will be posted closer to each service.

Sunday 24 March
Palm Sunday

5.00 pm – Vigil Mass (Saturday)
9 am – Sung Mass
10.30 am – Procession of Palms and Solemn Mass

We join with other Adelaide city churches for the Blessing and Procession of Palms, beginning at 10.30 am in the grounds of St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic), and returning to St Mary Magdalene's for Solemn Mass around 11am.

Wednesday 27 March
Holy Wednesday

7.30 pm – Tenebrae

A special ceremony of Tenebrae is the gradual extinguishing of the flames from a unique triangular arrangement of candles, until the service ends in complete darkness.

Thursday 28 March
Maundy Thursday

7.30 pm – Mass of the Lord’s Supper and the Watch of the Passion

The service includes a voluntary act of humility, where we wash each other’s feet in recollection of Jesus’ command, after he had washed the disciples’ feet, ‘to love one another as I have loved you.’ There is no pressure to take part if you do not wish to do so.

Friday 29 March
Good Friday

9.30 am – The Liturgy of the Day
3 pm – The Solemn Liturgy

The 9.30 am liturgy makes particular provision for children and families, while the 3 pm Solemn Liturgy is fully sung.


Sunday 31 March
Easter Sunday

5.30 am – The Great Vigil and the First Mass of Easter
9.30 am – Procession and Solemn Mass

The first service of Easter Day begins outside the church before dawn, and ends with a free, cooked breakfast. The Solemn Mass begins at 9.30am and includes a choir and procession.

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