08 April 2013

Christ is not divided: the Easter journey into paradox

From 'Christ is not divided: The Easter journey into paradox' by Alison Milbank: 

Without the resurrection, the passion is not the passion, it is merely sad. It is not a high tragic tale of a great man brought down through a single flaw, but the mundane meaningless story of yet another betrayal of a charismatic provincial teacher. 

If we give ourselves to the exhilarating energy of the resurrection paradox, we can begin to share it here and now. In that locked room, Christ breathed on his followers, as if creating them as God made Adam in the book of Genesis. The new creation of resurrection is our future hope, when a new spiritual body will make our soul more perfect, but we can also start to live it now.

The miracle of reconciliation which is the Church occurs as we share the peace. "Peace be with you," Christ said, "as the Father has sent me so I send you." Every time we exchange the peace, we too unite heaven and earth, spirit and body. In the Eucharist, we eat in order to grow together into the body of Christ - his risen body. We do not just receive spirit, nor are we cannibals. We share the risen life of Christ which sees no division between spiritual and bodily realities.

'Christ is not divided: the Easter journey into paradox' by Alison Milbank [ABC Australia - Religion and Ethics]

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