29 April 2013

Private Rentals Out of Reach

A report from Anglicare SA shows private rental is largely out of reach for anyone receiving government payments.

The ‘Anglicare SA 2013 Rental Affordability Snapshot’ revealed that less than two per cent of properties were both affordable and had enough bedrooms to accommodate a couple with two children. Less than one per cent of properties were affordable and appropriate for a single parent with two children.

There was less than one per cent of affordable or appropriate housing for single parents with one child or single people on the Age Pension, Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance.

Anglicare SA chief executive officer, Rev Peter Sandeman, said: “Anglicare SA urges all levels of government to consider the ways our community can best meet the needs of our most vulnerable. We know that when people have secure and affordable housing they are able to move from surviving to thriving, and that’s the best outcome for everyone in the community.”

Private Rentals Out of Reach [Anglicare SA - Media Release]

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