01 May 2013

Caring for one another

Pastoral Care is one of the core functions of our parish community.

Under the leadership of our Parish Priest, the whole St Mary Magdalene’s community is involved in a wide range of activities, among the most important of which are welcoming visitors and newcomers, and keeping in touch with each other (especially those in our community who are ill, or who are not able to come regularly to church.).

This care for each other aligns with many of our existing activities, ranging from our fundraising and social occasions to informal gatherings for social and companionable activities, to our hospital chaplaincy.

We have good lines of communication between our friends in our community, and it is our intention to increase our abilities in this area.

Incidentally, did you know that the word ‘companion’ means someone with whom you share bread - from the Latin ‘com’ (with) and ‘panis’ (bread)? With God’s help, we strive to be good companions to one another.

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