25 September 2013

Celebrate Michaelmas this Sunday

The Archangel Michael is said to be the captain of the heavenly armies (Revelation 12:7). He is generally pictured in full armor, carrying a lance, and with his foot on the neck of a dragon.

On the Feast of Michael and all Angels, popularly called Michaelmas, we give thanks for the many ways in which God's loving care watches over us, both directly and indirectly, and we are reminded that the richness and variety of God's creation far exceeds our knowledge of it.

The Archangel Michael by Fr Lawrence OP www.flickr.com

We will be celebrating Michaelmas at St Mary Magdalene’s this Sunday:

  • 9am - Sung Mass with with Godly Play for the children
  • 10.30am - High Mass with choir

St Mary Magdalene’s is in Moore Street, Adelaide. You are most welcome to join us.

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