13 December 2013

Marvellous music at Mary Mags - Fringe 2014 concert 3

Radio killed the Parlour Room star

Sunday 16 March 2014

2.30 pm at Mary Magdalene's church

Moore Street Adelaide

Songs from the Parlour Room with The Corinthian Singers of Adelaide.

Pull back the drapery and step into the intimate surrounds of the 19th century middle-class. Long before iThis and iThat, and previous to television and radios in the home, music and singing entertained guests in from the grandest ballrooms to family dining room. 

Songs of this genre became more complex and sophisticated in their melodic and harmonic vocabulary, and professional singers and musicians played them in public recitals. Sheet music of the time represents a different and unique type of history, of love gained and love lost, and an overall sense of pride for country. 

Join the Corinthian Singers in ‘Songs from the Parlour’ for an afternoon of fine food and a celebration of the songs from the Victorian Parlour long forgotten…evening gowns and smoking jackets optional.

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