03 January 2014

Epiphany 2014 and Farewell to the Rector this Sunday

Epiphany (ee-PIFF-uh-nee) is the church festival that follows the twelve days of Christmas. At Epiphany we remember and celebrate the arrival of the wise men to visit Jesus, who was at that time probably about two years old.

Sometimes the wise men are called 'the Magi' (MAY-jie -- to rhyme with 'pie'). Magi is the plural of the Latin word 'magus', which means 'magician'. So did the Magi turn up for Jesus' second birthday party in order to pull rabbits out of hats and perform card tricks? Sadly, no. 'Magician' in this context is a word used for an ancient Persian learned and priestly class, a group particularly concerned with astrology (studying the stars) who would definitely have noticed and wondered about a new star over Bethlehem.

So no card tricks, but men of learning and wisdom - wise men, in fact.

Three Wise Men - ancient mosaic

This Sunday, we will be celebrating not only Epiphany, but also the ministry of our Rector over the past three years. The Reverend Cate Relf-Pennington is leaving Australia for a post in the United Kingdom. This Sunday is her last with us at St Mary Magdalene's and you are most welcome to join us for a farewell service and magnificent morning tea.

Where: St Mary Magdalene's, Moore St, Adelaide
When: This Sunday, 5 January 2014 at 9am (Family Service) and 10.30am (High Mass with choir)
More information: Call 8305 9374 or email OMaryMag [at] Anglicare-SA.org.au

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