07 May 2014

Taizé Community - 2014 Visit to Adelaide

Brother Matthew from the Taizé Community (a religious community of men in France) will visit Adelaide on Monday 12 May 2014. 

Taizé is famous for promoting the Christian gospel in a spirit of joy, simplicity, acceptance and reconciliation. People (especially young adults) travel from all over the world to spend time and pray with the Taizé Community.
Br Matthew will meet with various groups, including church leaders, youth ministers and school chaplains.

These gatherings offer an opportunity for prayer, to hear news of the Taizé Community and to share ideas about plans for celebrations in South Australia in February 2015 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Taizé Community.

Taize Worship by Damirux http://commons.wikimedia.org 

Evening Prayer for All

Evening prayer will be held in Parkside and everyone is welcome, especially young adults aged 18 to 35 years.

When: 12 May 2014 at 6pm 

Where: St Raphael’s Church, 19 Young Street, Parkside 
Enquiries: Sarah Moffatt sarah.moffatt[at]cesa.catholic.edu.au 

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