19 June 2014

Helping Anglicans call for change - Webinar - 24 June 2014

The Anglican Alliance will host a global advocacy webinar that will discuss ways that local churches can raise their voices and call for change on issues of poverty and injustice.

Presenters include:
  • Tagolyn Kabekabe from the Anglican Church of Melanesia
  • David Cook from Anglican Overseas Aid
  • Brad Chapman from ABM, and
  • Ben Thurley from Micah Challenge Australia.
Tagolyn will give her reflections on the C20 and Voices for Justice held this month, and then the other speakers will each give a short presentation on a topic that opens up the different aspects of effective advocacy, which will be followed by a short discussion.

There will be the opportunity to send written questions to the panel throughout the webinar, and a recording of the webinar will be posted online after the event.

When: 24 June 2014 at 5.30pm Adelaide time
Enquiries: anglicanalliance[at]aco.org
Article: Helping Anglicans Call for Change [Anglican Overseas Aid]

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