25 June 2014

Homemaker Kits - a little house warming party in a box

St Mary Magdalene’s has just celebrated Refugee Sunday. We are very blessed to have some refugees in our congregations, and it is good to see how so many people have encouraged them, be-friended them, helped them and made them feel welcome in our midst.

Two people who came to Australia as refugees are now part of our parish and shared their stories with us on Sunday. We thank them for having the courage to do so.

Following on from Refugee Sunday, St Mary Magdalene’s is going to begin collecting items for some Homemaker Kits.

Homemaker Kits are given to refugee families who settle firstly into Anglicare Housing, to make the place like a home. When the family moves to its next house, they are able to take their items with them to make their next place their home.

Homemaker Kits are boxes packed with new or ‘like new’ items for everyday living:
  • Table cloth
  • Coasters/placemats
  • Picture of landscape/still life or picture frame
  • Vase/ornament
  • Cushions
  • Doilies
  • Knitted blanket/throw rug
  • Plastic storage container/jar
  • Cake/biscuit tin
  • Serving tray
  • Fruit bowl, sugar bowl and milk jug
  • Casserole/glass dish

You can bring any items like this to St Mary Magdalene’s and add them to the collection box at the back of the church. Homemaker Kits are like a little house warming party in a box. They are a welcome gift, a help-settle-in-favour, a practical present and a way of saying “Welcome home”. 

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More information:
Jill Rivers, Parish Community Engagement Worker, AnglicareSA
Phone: 8305 9294
Email: jrivers@anglicare-sa.org.au

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