13 October 2014

This weekend - Synod 2014

Synod (SIN-uhd) is the annual general meeting of the church. Each parish elects two or three individuals to represent them at the meeting. All clergy are obliged to attend. The meeting happens over two days (if we’re lucky) and allows the representatives to discuss and vote on various matters that affect us all as Anglicans in South Australia. 

The 2014 meeting of synod is happening this weekend at St Peter’s College (known as ‘Saints’) in Hackney. Those members of the public and retired members of the clergy who have exhausted all other avenues of entertainment such as watching paint dry or grass grow may instead choose to observe synod from the public gallery. 

St Mary Magdalene's delegates will be attending synod Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This will be Fr Stephen's first synod as Rector of St Mary Magdalene's and we wish him well.

Map of St Peter's College, Hackney

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