11 February 2015

St Barnabas' Theological College - special 2015 study offer

To celebrate their successful move back to North Adelaide, St Barnabas’ Theological College is offering some free courses for 2015. 

Choose one of the subjects below, and you can take the subject free for the first semester 2015.
  • Introduction to the Old Testament (Getzi Devasagayam)
  • Paul and His Letters (Tim Harris)
  • Rise of Christianity to 600CE (Rob Fitzsimons)
  • Christian Ministry (Chris McLeod)
Places are limited, and some conditions apply. This offer is for people taking a subject on an ‘interest-only’ basis  and not for academic credit. Additional courses are $100. 

St Barnabas’ has been part of Adelaide’s theological education since 1882 and is  affiliated with Charles Sturt University.  The quality and breadth of education available at the College is excellent and students have access to extensive library and online resources. 


Email BishopTim Harris at tharris[at]adelaide.anglican.com.au

Bishop Tim Harris, St Barnabas College 
Phone 8305 9352
Email tharris[at]adelaide.anglican.com.au

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