29 March 2015

Holy Week Prayer 2015

Holy Week begins today, Lord.
In some ways, it will be an ordinary week:
I'll still have to go to work, to school, to the store.
I'll still need to care for my family and friends.
I'll still have to do laundry and take out the trash.
I'll still have to deal with life's everyday problems:
my responsibilities won't diminish or take a break...

And I'll do all this in a world that largely ignores
the names we give this week's special days:

                    Palm Sunday
                        Maundy Thursday
                           Good Friday
                              Holy Saturday
                                 Easter Sunday

So I ask you to help me, Lord,
   to make and keep this week holy...

I hope and pray this week will be peaceful -
   in spite of all I have to do...

I hope and pray these days will be prayerful:
   that I'll make some time to spend with you alone
      and time to go to church on these holy days...

I hope and pray that in my mind and heart
   these days will be different from any others,
   in how I see and experience the world around me,
   in how I plan and spend my time...

Help me know and live these days as set apart,
   some solemn and some joyful:
      a time to grow in faith, and hope and love,
      a time to grow in my relationship with you...

Let this week not be like all the others, Lord -
   but let this week and all its days
      be truly holy...


Source: Concord Pastor

Holy Week services at St Mary Magdalene's

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