06 May 2015

It is a good time to be an Anglican!

Anglicans Online is a news service, a commentary centre, a guide to Anglicanism, a bulletin board…well, actually, it’s what it says. It is a group of Anglicans online.

Their commentary this week has some encouraging things to say:

Every two seconds, two people die and four are born. In that same way, it may be that the church is constantly dying and being reborn as are the people of whom it is made up. And yet, we find the church, especially our corner of it, to be remarkably and comfortably consistent and full of life.

In much of the Anglican Communion there has been the birth of new dioceses… We have seen renewed enthusiasm for the Anglican Communion… Rachel Held Evans, a 33 year old, recently-turned-Episcopalian American writer and blogger has been making headlines with her new book ‘Searching for Sunday’. Much of her focus is on the deeper meaning and worship found in the Anglican worship that had been missing from her nondenominational upbringing.

Over the last thirty (or 200, or 400) years we have been warned of the imminent demise of Anglicanism… And yet we persist as we have for almost 500 years – 80 million of us. In worship and study, fellowship, and service, it is a good time to be an Anglican.

Yes, indeed it is!

Read the full commentary from Anglicans Online here. It’s very encouraging.

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