08 June 2015

The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart of Jesus
This Friday 12th June is kept as the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

While some Anglicans may baulk at the pious sentimentality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Nevertheless it is not hard to get the deft perception which speaks of the open heart of God who unreservedly welcomes all who come. 

Thus says the Lord!
Are you poor? I welcome you!  Are you unmarried?  I welcome you!  
Are you gay?  I welcome you!  Are you rich & powerful?  I welcome you!  
Are you sick?  I welcome you!  Do you live with AIDS?  I welcome you!  Are you an addict?  I welcome you!  Have you messed up your life?  I welcome you! Does no one love you?  I welcome you!

So we pray to Jesus whose heart is welcoming of all-comers:

O Sacred Heart who cares for the poor, the weak and the homeless
O Sacred Heart who loves those who no one loves and cares for the friendless
O Sacred Heart who longs that we all may love unconditionally, as you love us

Hear our prayer today and every day

We particularly pray on this day for all those who are 
addicted to Ice

(More words about this)

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