11 July 2015

Destined for adoption and blessing - 11-12 July 2015

Saturday Vigil Mass 11 July
Mass at 5 p.m.

Sunday 12 July
9 a.m. Contemporary Mass with Healing Ministry
Fr Stephen will be the Celebrant and Preacher

Immediately after Communion a minister of healing is available 
in the Innocents' Chapel 
to pray for you or others who you may wish to pray for
this will be done with Laying on of Hands
and Holy Unction

10.30 a.m. Traditional Mass 
Fr Stephen will be the Celebrant and Preacher
Fr Stephen is also available after the Mass to pray for anyone individually

Today the readings are rich, but we think particularly about God's promise to 
call us sons and daughters. The sisters and brothers of Jesus

Fr Stephen provides some reflection  

During the week

Tuesday 12.15 Contemplative Mass
An opportunity to enter into quiet Eucharistic Prayer

(Following this Mass there is a Meditation Group

Thursday 12 noon Angelus & 12.15 Traditional Mass (English Missal)
 Fr Bruce Naylor continues the tradition of two decades,
offering the Mass in the traditional language of the English Missal

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