08 July 2015

Greek churches and charities prevented from helping the needy

From the Church Times:

Churches and charities are unable to help relieve the suffering being experienced by the Greek people as the financial crisis escalates, because their own bank accounts have been frozen.

The Senior Chaplain of St Paul's, Athens, Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, said that the situation was "incredibly worrying. Everyone is full of anxiety and fear. . . Charities and churches who work with the elderly and the poor are struggling to find money themselves. Our own bank accounts have been frozen.

"There is nothing here, no money coming in - we have been completely cut off. We can't do much at all to support those in financial hardship."

He asked for prayer. "I would ask people to pray that wisdom may prevail in Brussels and in Greece. I know we have many supporters who will want to help us to help those who are suffering, when the banks are open again. But will they open again? And, if they do, will they be empty?"

Welfare provision is in near collapse, it has been reported. The number of people using a homeless shelter in Athens has more than doubled in five months.

More on this story at: ChurchTimes.co.uk

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