06 July 2015

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge baptised at St Mary Magdalene's

Our sister church of St Mary Magdalene’s, Sandringham, was the setting for the baptism of Princess Charlotte this week. 

When someone is baptised (sometimes called ‘christened’) they are made a member of the Christian church. An Anglican baptism is usually performed by the local member of the clergy with parents, godparents (sponsors) and friends as witnesses. 

There is no record in the Bible of St Mary Magdalene being baptised (Jesus received his baptism from St John the Baptist) but she is clearly recorded as a person of great faith. She accompanied Jesus on his travels and provided for him. She was present at the crucifixion and was the first witness to the resurrection. After taking the news to the other disciples, tradition states that she went on to spread the news of this world-changing event as far as she could. 

Some legends say she made it as far as France or even the British Isles with her good news.

Princess Charlotte is destined to travel a lot during her lifetime. May she, like Mary Magdalene, be ready to share her faith both with her closest companions and far from home.

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