26 July 2015

The Matronal Festival

The Feast of St Mary Magdalene This is a "cheat" because it's last year's thoughts

I don’t know how to love him!

So sings Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar

She sings a song that we all sing:
-I know Jesus 
-I like Jesus
-I might even say I LOVE Jesus
But I am not sure that I have got it quite right

The story of our beloved patron 
is that Jesus spoke to her
with a level of intimacy
demonstrated simply
by calling her by name...Mary

What is Jesus saying to you when he calls you by name: 
Philip, Neil, Thea, Peter, Anthony, Catherine, Craig, Chris, Robyn, Helen, Sue, Lou, Mark, Les, Uncle Wally, Hossein, Peter, Malcolm, Ali, Alan & Laura, Annemarie.....I cannot mention everyone
You know what really has worried me
is that most of us don’t think
that Jesus has the slightest interest 
in your life or my mine

What Mary reminds us is that Jesus speaks to each of us
and says Mary...or what ever my name is

Maybe we don’t want to hear it ....
Lloyd Webber’s Mary Magdalene says...
What should I do?
I don’t know how to love him!

Just do it.
Don’t play religious games.
We play plenty in this parish. We call it bells and smells
I will be calling you back to the traditional Catholic things:
The Eucharist

And you know we Anglo Catholics have a big reputation for caring for the unlovely
The poor. 
The marginalised
The mad and the sinner
Are we brave enough to realise what Mary realised:

I don’t know how to love him!

And then she heard him call her name:
Mary, Chris, Stephen, Sue, Helen Val, Stephanie, Anthony, Peter.......and began to realise that she did know how to love him

He even says to me 
Stephen...you know how to love him

She stood at the Cross
And so have we!
She also had her mind blown 
at the empty tomb
and heard Jesus speak her name...Mary

Nothing in John is accidental!   You will hear me say this maxim again and again.

Mary sings I don’t know how to love him 
We join her song
WE haven’t got a clue about how to be faithful Christians
And Jesus says...Mary...Stephen
and we begin to realize that we DO know
and even if we are not very good at it
then he is is with us 
and we can learn.
We DO KNOW how to love him

That is what we are going to do

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