02 October 2015

3 and 4 October 2015 - St Francis and Dedication Festival

Saturday 3 October
5 p.m. Vigil Mass
followed by Drop-In Centre  meal at 6 p.m.

Sunday 4 October
9 a.m.  Sung Mass (Contemporary style)
10.30 Traditional Mass
The Rector shares a few thoughts
(direct blog)

Francis came to realise that “rebuild my church” (words he heard whilst praying all night)
was not about bricks and mortar.
The 12th Century Church was to be rebuilt in the Spirit.   
Franciscan spirituality renewed the Church in the 12th century!

May we, on this St Francis Day, as we also celebrate the Festival of Dedication
when we give thanks for the fact that this Church of St Mary Magdalene
has been a physical presence in Adelaide recognise that,
in the end it is not about the building .... as much as we love it....
And also experience renewal 
that is more than just building renovation. 
Let’s pray for that!

My vision?
That we have a church full of poor people who feel loved, of older people who love the young, of young people who love the Catholic tradition, of everyone feeling that  they have a place, that no-one feels unwelcomed, that gay people and transgenders don't even think it is an issue.
Where no one walks through the door and feels they don't belong. To put that differently....everyone walks through the door and feels an immediate and ready welcome.
We need to do a bit of work on this
we are not quite there yet

And I hear St Francis saying
"I hear the voice of Jesus saying
....Rebuild my Church!"

Sunday 4 October

3 p.m.  Mass and Commissioning for Magdalene Centre

The Very Reverend Fr Frank Nelson will preach
at the Concelebrated Mass
and volunteers will be commissioned.
Refreshments to follow

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