03 January 2016

The Epiphany - 6 January 2016

Christmas & Epiphany Season Services
at St Mary Magdalene's, Adelaide
26 Moore Street Adelaide, SA 5000

The Ongoing  Days of Christmas

6 January 2015 (The Epiphany) - 10.30am Said Mass

The Twelfth Day of Christmas is the Feast of the Epiphany, when we celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men, Three Kings or the Magi...however you want to style them.

Epiphany - photo by Fr Lawrence Lew via Flickr

A simple Mass will be celebrated at 10.30.

All welcome....and we could do brunch afterwards, if you like, at the Farmers Pantry (just round the corner) very nice and modestly priced menu

7 January 2015 (Thursday) - 12 midday Angelus...12.10 Traditional English Missal Mass

10 January 2015 (Baptism of Jesus) - 9am Sung Mass, after the Mass Stephen et al will saunter over to the Victoria Square fountain to bless the water of the rivers of the city...and the city of Adelaide (approx.10.05).
Bring a container to collect the blessed water....to take home to sprinkle on your garden, or in your food, or to wash your face...as we pray for the blessing of God for 2016.

10.30am Solemn Mass (Mass will be preceded by Asperges...in which the Blessed Water of the rivers of Adelaide will be sprinkled on the faithful to pray for God's blessing on this Holy Year 2016.

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