14 September 2016

Archbishop warns against “harsh or vilifying” debate on same-sex marriage

Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier has welcomed a proposed referendum on whether the country should allow same-sex marriages; but expressed concern about the “tenor of the debate.”

Archbishop Freier is the Anglican Primate – the senior bishop of the Anglican Church of Australia elected from among our diocesan bishops. In this context, ‘Primate’ is pronounced ‘PRY-muht’.

“The proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage has been one of the more contentious topics in 2016,” Archbishop Freier said. “Individual Anglicans have adopted a variety of positions taken in good conscience based on their Christian understanding of the principles and issues, and this is right and proper.

“Personally, I welcome the plebiscite, though with strong reservations that we must guard the tenor of the debate, and keep it positive.

“I am very concerned that the discussion does not become harsh or vilifying – on either side, for it is not only Christians who have sometimes failed on this score.”

He called on Christians to approach the question “with prayer, confidence in the Church’s teaching as well as kindness in our speech towards those with whom we disagree.”

Read the full story – Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS)

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